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Reni K Amayo

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Reni K Amayo is a British Nigerian author based in London. She attended Imperial College London, earning her (woefully unused) MEng in Aeronautical Engineering. After stubbornly bouncing through a selection of promising, but ultimately misguided, career paths; she accepted that writing stories is, and will always be, her singular passion. She currently lives near Greenwich with her husband, where she writes fantasy books centred on strong female characters and set in worlds steeped with African cultures, mythology and lore.

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She loves...

her family, long walks, drinking too much coffee, reading on rainy days & pretty notebooks.

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She's obsessed with...

stories in all forms, beyoncé, abbott elementary, shondaland & succession.

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She's happiest whilst...

cuddled up on a sofa, running away from social media, in a hot bath or

eating cake.


Nothing makes my day more than your wonderful emails and DMs. I read every single one, though I don't always get the chance to respond. I appreciate your kind words more than you'll ever know.

I'm not always active on social media, but if you want to stay updated on any news about my books please do connect with me across the various platforms or sign up to my weekly newsletter, Connecting Stories, for writing updates, current reads and reader questions x

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'Return of the Earth Mother' is a book series set in ancient Igbo land and follows twin goddesses, separated at birth, on their epic journey of self-discovery as they embark on a path back to one another. The series has been featured in the BBC, Metro and Bustle. Bestselling author, Dorothy Koomson, said that the book "is something much myth, fantasy and genuinely great storytelling," whilst bestselling author of 'These Violent Delights', Chloe Gong noted, "this is a fantasy that charges full steam ahead."




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Reni K Amayo is a young author who is opening up the fantasy genre to include black narratives – and her debut young adult novel sounds incredible. For the full story head over to The Metro...

Reni's novel is the first in a planned series and is aimed at the Young Adult audience. She's been talking to Focus on Africa's Hannah Ajala and started by reading from the novel. For the full story head over to The BBC...